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Petrov Popov is a young Russian on a mission!  Named after his champion cyclist great-grandfather who was killed in the Russian Revolution in 1917, the young Petrov is determined to win the Tour de France in his great-grandfather’s memory.  Frustrated with Visa and Passport bureaucracy, Petrov and his two Cossack dancing friends secretly leave Russia and enter France illegally.  A colourful beggar and bag lady join his adventures as he dodges the police, wins over two rival gangs, procures a racing bike, endures a spell in jail and undergoes gruelling training – learning French along the way!  His belief in himself grows throughout the show and of course he wins the Tour de France at the end.
The story is told in English and there are five English songs in addition to the French songs.  The show is designed for anyone with an interest in French to brush up their skills or learn a few basics from scratch – while having a great time singing along!

The show’s theme is about believing in yourself and letting nothing hold you back. The show’s big number is ‘I believe in me!’ a moving ballad in English which has several reprises through the show. In addition, there is an English opening number, an up-tempo English story-telling number for the lead character and two English duets for the narrators, the Beggar and Bag Lady. A dozen French songs teach the basics such as the days of the week and the numbers in a lively way.


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